The fusion of the unexpected

Former mechanical engineer Tauri Mae and artist Mari Saarepera are the minds behind Marilights. These two creators with opposing personalities and backgrounds combine to form the perfect pairing; their design studio is a dynamic fusion of the unexpected.

Modern handcraft

Handcrafted - something created with a unique touch that a robot or machine cannot replicate; a perception of touch that leads to the perfect result. Numerous components of Marilights’ objects are, of course, made by machines, but it is our experts who prepare and assemble them into readymade pieces by hand.  Hundreds of combined years of skill bring new meaning to precision and attention to detail. The mastery of the human hand can be seen at every level of production. From mouth-blown glass to hot and cold metalwork, the art of handcraft will always be a part of Marilights.

Series vs private art

In addition to high-quality serial pieces, Marilights create personal works of art—light objects that are sculpted from scratch to compliment specific spaces and personalities. Mari and Tauri work with their clients and interior designers to create a full body of custom light objects. One or two such projects are taken on in a year, usually a private home.

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