Ambiguo chandelier Out


Designed by: Tauri Mae & Mari Saarepera
Year: 2019

Ambiguo series is exploration of light directions and creating symmetry by using a-symmetric shapes. Objects with identical symmetric shadows will produce asymmetric light.



Light fixture measurements - 


Diameter: 170 mm / 6.7 in

Height: 240 mm / 9.4 in

Full cahndelier-

Width: 1350 mm / 53.1 in

Depth: 180 mm / 7,09 in

Height from ceiling: Made to order 

Materials - 

Aluminium body

Murano glass - Glossy translucent white

Finishing: Finely textured satin black

​Lamping - 

Bulb: Built in OSRAM LED, lifetime - 50000h

Color rendering index (CRI): >90

Color temperature: 2700K warm White (3000k and 4000k also available)

luminous intensity from LED: 1100 lm Per sahde

luminous intensity after glass: around 500 lm per shade

Dimming: Dali with touch dim function/ 1-10v 

Power: 20 W

Voltage: 100...277V