• Tauri

The creation of new worlds

In the spring of 2019, Mari Saarepera, co-founder of Marilights, presented a personal exhibition called “Wonderland of Creativity.” This exposition was part of her studies towards a Master's Degree in art teaching.

The primary content of the exhibition was a selection of personal sketchbooks used daily by Mari to gather thoughts and ideas. This notebook collection is also the main way she relieves anxiety and tension in her daily life. Many of the pieces in the exhibition were made in collage style, which is a great outlet for creative self-expression.

Exhibition caption:

“From time to time there is a feeling that everything is slipping away, and the soul is filling up with doubt, weariness and anxiety. There is not enough strength to even talk to people. You find yourself constantly wondering if it is easier for other people? Confidence - What is this? Hands are cold and the absurdity is falling on my back like a heavy blanket. Then it is time to breathe. Breathe fresh air into your lungs and start over. Find, once again, the inner magic that makes you laugh and gives a nudge towards creating new worlds.”

This exhibition was visited by Kristel Schwede, chief editor of the photography magazine Positiiv, who interviewed Mari about her work. During their conversation, Mari talked about how the sketchbook and collage art helps her focus and calms her mind in the irrationally fast-paced world that we live in.

This article appeared in the November issue or Positiiv magazine alongside photographs of the exhibition and excerpts from the original interview.

You can read the article here.

Anxiety is more and more common these days and worryingly so among young school kids. Mari is trying to develop ways to reduce anxiety in school children through art. The goal is to implement these ideas in public schools to help children with anxiety to manage and understand their inner emotions. This research also forms the main part of Mari’s graduation thesis.

Sometimes life can feel like a train hurtling along a track at high speed. It’s time to hop off this imaginary speed train and stop children from getting on it in the first place.