• Tauri

Luxury lighting series vs Private art

Constantly striving to produce better designs and solutions is a prerequisite for any creative professional and we are no different. Each new project is an opportunity for us to improve our craft and push the boundaries of what we previously thought was possible.

Ambiguo pendant light

Alongside our signature lighting design series (some of which we will be showcasing at the ICFF in May), we also take on one or two private art projects a year. We love these commissions because they allow us to get ‘up-close and personal’ with the individual visions of our clients. The lighting objects we create here are not available anywhere else; they are completely new one-time-only ventures specifically designed for this one individual. All the inspiration comes from our interactions with the client and the architectural space in which the final piece will be presented.

One luxurious chandelier suspended above the kitchen island or elegantly eliminating the dining room table. A bespoke table lamp for an office sideboard. Maybe a pair of stylish sconces for the bedroom or a cohesive series of pieces to fit throughout the home. Regardless of the endeavour, there will always be a piece of the client’s personal story inside every final piece.

The studio

The process

As we said before, we love these private collaborations for the opportunity they give us to push the boundaries of design, production and technology. Our goal is to make something never before seen by using techniques above and beyond the expected norms. For this, we use the whole world as our production facility, combining technologies never used together and pushing them to their limits until we achieve what we’re looking for.

Creating something and perfecting it through prototyping and testing to make it ready for production is an utterly absorbing creative process and there is always something new to discover. Our private lighting sculptures are perfect for people who embrace the new and the unknown!