• Tauri

Modernist light sculptures

Let us introduce our new series of sculptures named Ambiguo. After a long time in the making, this sequence is now ready to be shared with the world. Finally, after overcoming many hurdles along the way, we have perfected the Ambiguo series. Visually minimal, its flowing curves create a clean, simple and simultaneously sophisticated aesthetic. With their subtle form, the pieces embody a midcentury and modernist vibe. It has taken a long time to fully realise our initial vision and we are delighted to finally be able to say that this series is complete

Ambiguo light sculpture type-05

We created this series to rekindle old times when art and engineering were more closely linked. Midcentury era designers and architects occupy my mind at this point. As such, all the pieces in this series are created to embody something that will take you back in time; something that will evoke warm feelings and a sense of recognition. It is this challenge that fuels our creative energy. It is possible to share these feelings trough displaying the pieces in a home, corporate reception area, corner office or even in front of a vanity mirror. No matter the place, the pieces will bring a certain vibe and warm light to space.

Ambiguo light sculptures type-01 & type-02

The Ambiguo series consists of two light-emitting pieces that are symmetrical in shape but asymmetric in material and light-direction; this is where one part of the name Ambiguo comes from. These pieces can be showcased individually in a myriad of ways, from a pendant-style ceiling suspension to wall or tabletop-style installations. There is also a bigger assembly that will hold two pieces in several different combinations. Again, this can also be displayed from the ceiling in a chandelier-style installation or in a wall, tabletop or floor installation.

Ambiguo light sculpture type-05 close up
Ambiguo light sculpture type-05


The pieces give off usable light at around 550 lumens each shade and are dimmable. The light source is a built-in LED and all the lighting parts are engineered to the highest possible standard. The light will not flicker even when turned down. There is no external LED driver; everything is built into the sculpture and all the pieces are rated for showcasing in damp rooms. UL-certification is possible upon request.

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