• Tauri

The fusion of the unexpected

Marilights is the combination of two minds. Mari and Tauri; an artist, an engineer… and also a couple. The chaotic freedom of art and the precision of engineering might not seem like a natural partnership but by allowing each other the freedom we need to be who we are, we have formed a strong symbiotic relationship. Mutual respect and self-expression are central to everything we do. This is the fusion of the unexpected.

Artist and engineer Photo made by Mari.

Throughout the years, we have found a flow that enables us to operate both independently and cooperatively. Mari’s organisation helps keep me in check and we are open and protective with our work. Yes, it can be hectic at times but this is all part of the journey!

Early on we decided that there should be no compromise with art. You would think that this approach would cause tension but we have naturally adapted a way to work through disagreements and find ideas that we both love. If there is a clash, then we ask ourselves how we can both improve and adapt rather than bargaining over who should win. This ‘zero compromise’ approach has helped me grow as an engineer and ensures that we have a final product that we are both proud of. This is why we love working together!

Mari lives and breathes art and I have grown to appreciate the importance of art and the creative process a lot more thanks to her influence. It all started for me by watching Mari’s love of creating. Over time, I felt compelled by the challenge of bringing her designs to life. With every new object we create, our understanding of each other grows and the efficiency of our work increases. I have learned to think like an artist and Mari as an engineer!

I started my professional life as a fabricator and worked my way up fast. As an engineer, I worked on various one-off special projects. This was a tough challenge because most of the time it wasn't possible to prototype and everything had to be one-hit-wonder. I learned a lot from this kind of work and now, I really love to create art with mathematical precision. This may sound simple, but it’s a challenging process that regularly takes me outside of my comfort zone. It takes a lot of clever engineering to assemble an object that it is clean-looking and seamless while maintaining the artistic form of Mari’s designs.

I think we can safely say that this unexpected fusion of art and engineering has been the single greatest period of personal and professional growth we have ever known. We are grateful for all we have learnt so far and driven to keep improving!