Ambiguo type-01

Part of a modernist light sculpture series with an ambiguous geometric relationship between its forms and materials

The type-01 is a pendant style light sculpture with downward directed light. The piece works best when presented together with type-02 as they have the same shape but materials and light direction are reversed.

The pieces are created to rekindle the midcentury era when art and engineering were more closely linked, a theme that is reflected in both the collection and in its creators. The artists were inspired by the idea of creating practical modernist objects that have the potential to outlive themselves. The result is a series of geometrical sculptures that play with different interpretations of symmetry.


The piece gives off wide and soft usable light at around 550 lumens and is dimmable. The light source is a built-in LED and all the lighting parts are engineered to the highest possible standard. The light will not flicker even when turned down. There is no external LED driver; everything is built into the sculpture and all the pieces are rated for showcasing in damp rooms.

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